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New Force Motor Co., Ltd.



Despite being a relative newcomer to the industry, New Force has gathered together a group of talented professionals who have made impressive strides in the industry. Its product R&D. innovation, quality and earnest customer service are now second to none in the industry.

We have planed to launch a new 250c.c- ATV model this September. Safety and rider protection were the top design requirements for this model. Ergonomically designed for rider comfort, this ATV offers eye-catching styling at a reasonable price. This is the reason consumers continue to choose New Force Motor over other companies and why New Force’s 150 cc model has been enthusiastically received by European and American buyers. All our products have certified EEC (Euro II) homologations.

We emphasize quality and places the customer first. Our highly durable products are designed to be highly durable and have low defect rates and long warranty periods. By humanizing the entire design system, New Force has scored high marks with its customers.

We currently export our ATV products primarily to Europe and America. Our market strategy is to jointly develop both the OEM market and our own brand.
As for our product development strategy, New Force plans to further diversify our product line and design models with larger engine displacements. With regard to product design and performance, our focus has been placed on developing four wheel drive ATV and agricultural vehicles with four wheel independent suspensions and touch shift controls. We are working to build up a solid development platform over the next three years to achieve our goal of becoming a leading manufacturer of all-purpose motorized vehicles

Our Vision:
To provide you the best quality motive power product and service during working or entertainment on your life.

Quality Policy:
Quality is always priority in organization, Customer is always right in business; Service is always cordially for consumer. To create a Win-Win status between employees, public societies and shareholders is our final goal.

Products’ Policy:
To develop 4x4 shaft drive ATV and agricultural vehicles with four wheel independent suspensions and touch shift controls.

Our Core competence:
Product diversity and technical innovation is our core competence.

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